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360-degree rotatable plate stand - all aluminum alloy - customizable

Tablet Stand

360-degree rotatable plate stand - all aluminum alloy - customizable

This product is suitable for most sizes of tablets on the market, and even some thin and light computers can be applied. The widened and thickened panel can ensure that customers will not knock the equipment to the ground because of shaking when using it. In addition, the parts at the connection are specially strengthened, which increases the load-bearing capacity and the number of uses of the product. Considering that most tablet computers can support the function of horizontal screen and vertical screen, the distance between the brackets at the bottom of the panel is significantly widened to ensure that the tablet computer can be used more stably, whether it is horizontal screen or vertical screen. In addition, the support also retains the design of a single connecting rod, double axis, and 360-degree rotating base, which can meet customers' needs in different heights, angles, and orientations when using.



    Name: Double pole foldable adjustable rotating flat bracket
    Material: Aluminum alloy 6063, silicone
    Plate of Top: 2.5mm
    Plate of Bottom: 2.5mm
    Color: Grey, Black
    Applicable to: 7-13 inch tablet or phone
    Product Size: 160 * 120 * 230mm
    Package Size: 185 * 150 * 46mm
    Net weight of product (N.W): 320g
    Gross weight of product (G.W): 380g
    Packing quantity (Quality): 28pcs
    Carton Size: 34.3 * 30.8 * 38.8cm
    Total weight (Carton G.W): 11.28Kg


    1. Lightweight design: Portable tablet PC brackets are usually made of lightweight materials (aluminum alloy) to ensure that the bracket is lightweight and easy for users to carry and move.

    2. Folding structure: To facilitate carrying and storage, the portable tablet stand is designed as a folding structure, and the stand can be folded into a smaller size, which is convenient to carry in a bag or pocket.

    3. Adjustable Angle: Although it is a portable design, the bracket still needs to have the function of adjustable Angle to meet users' needs on different occasions. The bracket can usually be adjusted to different viewing angles to adapt to various environments and use scenarios.

    4. Quick installation: The portable tablet PC stand design should be simple and easy to use, with the characteristics of quick installation and disassembly, and the user can complete the installation without using any tools, improving the convenience of use.

    5. Removable parts: To further reduce the size and ease of carrying, some portable brackets are designed as removable parts, such as bracket legs or clamping devices that can be easily removed to reduce the volume.

    6. Durability and stability: Although it is portable, the stand still needs to be stable and durable enough to support the tablet safely and not easily tilt or shake.
    The bottom adopts wire avoidance treatment, so that customers can charge without hindering use.
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    360-degree rotatable plate stand - all aluminum alloy - customizable8j1e
    360-degree rotatable plate stand - all aluminum alloy - customizable9z08


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