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All-aluminum 360-degree rotating cooling laptop stand – customizable

Laptop Stand

All-aluminum 360-degree rotating cooling laptop stand – customizable

The all-aluminum alloy panel has been thickened to provide better stability and durability during use. It features a double connecting rod, adjustable bolt, and 360-degree rotation design, allowing users to freely adjust the support's height, angle, tightness, and orientation. The radiator has undergone precision CNC machining, ensuring better contact with the bottom of the notebook for more efficient heat dissipation. The clever radiator design provides efficient cooling while remaining quiet.

    360-Degree Rotating Base

    Product parameter

    Name:  Semiconductor cooling laptop stand (heat sink sub package)
    Material:  Aluminum alloy 6063, silicone
    Plate of Top:  2.5mm
    Plate of Bottom:  3mm
    Color:  Silver, Grey
    Applicable to:  13-17 inch laptops or tablets
    Product Size:  260 * 245 * 320mm
    Package Size:  280 * 262 * 50mm
    Net weight of product (N.W):  1.09Kg (including radiator 187g)
    Gross weight of product (G.W):  1.25Kg
    Packing quantity (Quality):  12pcs
    Carton Size:   53.5 * 29.5 * 31.9CM

    Silent Radiator

    1. The environmentally friendly plastic shell dramatically reduces the weight of the radiator, which is more convenient for customers to carry around. The unique use of a high-power silent fan can effectively cool down the laptop and make it very quiet. Using the high thermal conductivity of the metal panel can effectively cool the equipment.

    2. Detail design: 4 small springs are installed at the bottom of the metal panel. The spring pushes the panel out when not in use. If the device is placed, the spring will fit the metal thermal panel more closely to the bottom of the device, thus achieving more efficient cooling.

    3. Reduce noise levels: The silent heat sink is designed to reduce friction and vibration between the fan and the heat sink, thereby reducing the overall noise level. This is especially important for users who need to use their laptop in a quiet environment, such as working in a library, conference room, or bedroom.

    4. Improve the comfort of use: The radiator with lower noise can provide a quieter and more comfortable working environment, reduce user noise interference, and help improve work efficiency and concentration.

    5. Enhance the heat dissipation effect: Our silent radiator uses more efficient heat dissipation materials and design, which can effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency and reduce the laptop's temperature. This helps prevent performance degradation or hardware damage due to overheating and extends the device's service life.

    6. Energy saving and environmental protection: Silent radiators usually use low-power fans and optimized design, which can reduce power consumption and energy waste, thus being more environmentally friendly.

    CNC machining technology

    1. High precision: CNC precision machining adopts a computer control system to achieve highly accurate machining. Precise CNC programming and automated machining processes can achieve stringent size and surface quality requirements.

    2. High efficiency: The CNC machining process can be automated and continuously processed, significantly improving production efficiency. Compared with traditional manual or semi-automatic machining methods, CNC can complete the processing task faster, reducing the processing cycle and production costs.

    3. Flexibility: CNC precision machining suits various materials and shapes. Modifying the numerical control program and process parameters allows us to quickly adapt to different processing needs and realize flexible production scheduling and customized production.
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