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Aluminum, stainless steel metal stamping parts processing - customized

Metal Stamping

Aluminum, stainless steel metal stamping parts processing - customized

Metal stamping is a standard metal processing process, usually used to make metal sheets into various parts or products by plastic deformation through the pressure and impact force of the mold. This process is mainly accomplished through the following steps:

Material preparation: Select the appropriate metal sheet, usually including steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, etc., according to product requirements to determine the thickness and specifications of the material.

Mold design and manufacturing: manufacture the corresponding mold according to the product design requirements. The mold usually includes an upper and a lower mold, and the space between the upper and lower mold is the part's final shape—mold design to consider the product's size, shape production efficiency, and other factors.

Deburring and cleaning: After processing, there may be burrs or irregular edges that need to be removed by a deburring process to ensure the smoothness and quality of the surface of the part. In addition, cleaning work is required to remove the dirt and oil produced during processing.

    Large weight hydraulic press

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    Large Weight Hydraulic Press

    The large-weight hydraulic press has the advantages of high processing efficiency, low production cost, and short production cycle, so it has been widely used in the manufacturing industry, covering various fields from auto parts and home appliance accessories to electronic product shells.

    Strong processing capacity: large presses usually have higher pressure and larger table area and can handle thicker metal sheets and larger workpieces. This makes large presses suitable for processing large structural parts or heavy workpieces, such as car body parts, ship components, etc.

    High production efficiency: the large punching machine has a high production speed and processing capacity and can complete a large number of processing tasks in a short time. This is conducive to improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and meeting the needs of large orders.

    Good accuracy and repeatability: The large punching machine adopts an advanced control system and precision mold, which can realize high-precision machining, ensure the size and shape accuracy of the product, and have high processing repeatability.

    Strong versatility: large presses are usually equipped with various types of molds and auxiliary devices and can achieve a variety of processing operations, such as punching, cutting, bending, stretching, etc., to meet the processing needs of different shapes and process requirements.

    Easy operation: A large punching machine adopts an automatic control system and man-machine interface; it is easy to operate and easy to learn; the operator only needs to carry out simple settings and monitoring to complete the processing task, reducing the labor cost and operation difficulty.

    High safety: large presses are usually equipped with perfect safety protection devices, such as grating, safety cover, two-hand operation button, etc., which can effectively protect the safety of operators and reduce the risk of accidents.

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    Strong mold team

    A strong mold team plays a vital role in manufacturing because molds are essential in product processing. The company established a mold department in 2009 and began to design and manufacture its molds. So far, thousands of molds have been made. The team has:

    Professional skills: Team members have rich experience in mold design and manufacturing, master a variety of mold manufacturing processes and technologies, and have relevant professional knowledge and skills. They understand the properties of different materials and are familiar with mold design software and operation methods of manufacturing equipment.

    Innovative ability: The team has a creative spirit and creativity, can propose innovative mold design solutions for customer needs, and constantly improves and optimizes the existing mold manufacturing process to enhance production efficiency and product quality.

    Team cooperation: Team members have a good spirit of cooperation and team consciousness, can effectively coordinate and cooperate to solve problems together, and give full play to the synergistic effect of the team.

    Project management ability: The team has excellent project management ability, can reasonably plan and arrange the various stages and tasks of mold manufacturing, effectively control the project schedule and cost, and ensure that the project is completed on time and reaches the expected goals.
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    Strong Mold Team38it

    Production drawing

    Silicone pads in the grooves, face panels, and base can effectively prevent customers from sliding off their phones when using them. And the silicone panel can also be customized patterns.
    The bottom adopts wire avoidance treatment, so that customers can charge without hindering use.


    Production Video

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