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CNC(Computerized Numerical Control )


CNC(Computerized Numerical Control )

Shengyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing high-quality CNC precision machining solutions for a wide range of industries. Our advanced CNC equipment, including lathes, milling machines, and drilling machines, is designed to meet the high precision and automation demands of modern manufacturing processes. By utilizing computer control and pre-programmed instructions, our CNC systems deliver precise and flexible machining capabilities, resulting in high productivity and good repeatability. Our products are widely used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, medical equipment, and other fields, where our innovative solutions improve production efficiency and product quality. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Shengyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a trusted partner for all your CNC precision machining needs

    Advanced equipment


    Advanced Equipment

    The company officially established the CNC machining department in 2014 and purchased more than ten sets of CNC equipment simultaneously. So far, the company's total number of equipment has reached 20, and the daily production of parts exceeds 1w. The company can provide: 

    Efficient production: Advanced equipment usually has higher production efficiency and faster processing speed, which can speed up the production cycle and increase the output.

    High-precision machining: Advanced equipment adopts an advanced control system and precision mechanical structure, which can achieve higher machining accuracy and better surface quality, ensuring that products meet strict requirements.

    Versatility: Advanced equipment usually has a variety of processing functions and process options, can adapt to different types and complexity of processing tasks, and improves production's flexibility and diversity.

    The high degree of automation: Advanced equipment usually has automatic functions, which can realize automatic tool change, automatic adjustment of processing parameters and other operations, reduce manual intervention, and improve production efficiency and consistency.

    High reliability: Advanced equipment usually has higher reliability and stability, reducing failure and downtime and improving the continuity and stability of production.

    Cost reduction: Although the acquisition cost of advanced equipment may be higher, its high efficiency, precision, and reliability can reduce processing costs and increase production efficiency, resulting in long-term cost savings and return on investment.

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    Professional product testing equipment

    Quality control: Professional testing equipment can carry out accurate and comprehensive testing and measurement of products to ensure that products meet design specifications and quality standards, which helps to improve product quality and reliability.

    Defect detection: The detection equipment can find the defects and bad characteristics of the product in time, help the production line adjust the process parameters or correct the production process in time, and prevent the generation of defective products and defective products.

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