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New 360-degree rotating computer stand - Aluminum Composite Panels- customizable

Laptop Stand

New 360-degree rotating computer stand - Aluminum Composite Panels- customizable

The most prominent feature of this product is the use of aluminum composite material. This material is environmentally friendly and can significantly reduce the product's weight. The material can also bring some flexibility to the product, reducing the screen shake generated by customers. However, we still use aluminum alloy parts at the joints to make the product more durable. In addition, a double connecting rod, 360-degree rotating base, and double-axis design can meet customers' needs with different heights, angles, and orientations. It can also fold the bracket for easy carrying.

    Aluminum Composite Panels

    Aluminum alloy connecting rod and connecting seat

    1. Lightweight and high strength: Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of being lightweight compared with other metal materials; its density is lower, but its strength is high. This means the connector can maintain sufficient strength while reducing the overall weight, making the laptop stand more lightweight and easy to carry.

    2. Corrosion resistance: Aluminum alloy has good oxidation and corrosion resistance, so that the connector can be used in different environments for a long time and is not susceptible to oxidation, corrosion, or rust, which extends the service life of the support.

    3. Machinability: Aluminum alloy has good machinability and can be accurately processed through milling, stamping, drilling, and other processing methods to meet the design needs of different connecting parts to achieve customized design.

    4. Beautiful appearance: The aluminum alloy surface can show a smooth and bright appearance after proper treatment, and you can choose different surface treatment methods, such as anodizing, spraying, etc., making the connector more beautiful and generous, matching the overall style of the notebook stand.

    Product parameter

    Name:  Double support rod folding and rotating laptop stand
    Material:  aluminum alloy+PE plastic, silicone
    Plate of Top:  4mm
    Plate of Bottom: 4mm
    Color: Silver
    Applicable to:  7-17 inch laptops or tablets
    Product Size: 260 * 210 * 230
    Package Size:  280 * 230 * 55mm
    Net weight of product (N.W):  0.79kg
    Gross weight of product (G.W):  0.95Kg
    Packing quantity (Quality):  10pcs
    Carton Size:   53.5 * 29.5 * 32CM

    360 degrees rotation base - double connecting rod - double shaft

    1. All-round adjustment: The 360-degree rotation base allows the stand to be rotated entirely on the horizontal plane so that the user can easily adjust the viewing angle of the laptop, whether it is horizontal or vertical, to get the best view.

    2. Flexibility: The design of the double connecting rod and double shaft makes the bracket more flexible, and the user can freely adjust the height, Angle, and position of the bracket according to the need to adapt to different use scenarios and body posture and improve the use comfort and efficiency.

    3. Stability: The double connecting rod and double axis structure can provide more substantial support and stability, even when adjusting the Angle, which can maintain the strength of the bracket, making it not easy to sway or tilt, to protect the laptop from accidental collision or fall damage effectively.

    4. Adaptability: Since the bracket can be adjusted in multiple directions, it is suitable for laptops of different sizes and shapes and can even be used for other devices, such as tablets or monitors, improving the versatility and applicability of the bracket.

    5. Less space: The double connecting rod and double axis design make the bracket not take up too much space when adjusting, effectively saving desktop space and making the working area more tidy and spacious.

    6. Easy operation: The combination of a 360-degree rotating base, double connecting rod, and double shaft adjusts the bracket more simple and convenient, and the user can efficiently operate the control button or knob on the bracket to achieve accurate adjustment without the need for additional tools or strength.
    The bottom adopts wire avoidance treatment, so that customers can charge without hindering use.
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    New 360-degree rotating comput5z3a
    New 360-degree rotating comput7973


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